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Treasure painting project attracts 16 local artists - The New Times

When you see one of Stefan Budian’s fascinating treasure paintings, you are not just looking at a beautiful painting on canvas, you are looking at countless layers of colours, inspiration and life experiences. In fact, there is much more to them than simply what meets the eye which is why they are best described as ingenious multimedia art works.

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Mutoni on her dream to represent Rwanda on global stage - The ...

Interview: Angel Mutoni, a young Rwandese who raps to show young girls, especially in her country, that you can think big and achieve your dreams.

1444857862colombe ituze ndutiye  centre  walks with models cladding her pieces at the kigali fashion week in november  2013 article

Ndutiye shares tales from her fashion journey - The New Times

Colombe Ituze Ndutiye has loved drawing from a very young age and was convinced that the career she was going to take would involve a lot of drawing. After trying her hand at drawing a couple of sketches, joining the fashion industry seemed to be the right way forward.

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Hip Hop for Hope: Hirwa's effort to empower youngsters through dance

Chris Hirwa, 22, one of Rwanda’s most talented hip hop dancers, is determined to take the country’s urban dance scene to another level.

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Hakizimana fuses culture with modern fashion - The New Times

Augustine Hakizimana is passionate about translating traditions into modern fashion and it is at the Rwanda Cultural Fashion Show where all this came to light.

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Inyamibwa showcases beauty, history of Rwandan culture through dance

Dancing has always been part of Rwandan culture. What adds beauty to the traditional dances is that they are not only visually attractive; they are also meaningful, constituting a great reflection of Rwandan culture. Indeed, in traditional dancing, we find important elements of socialisation and identity which have been passed on orally over centuries.

1444425771willy karekezi article

Karekezi sketches his way to fame - The New Times | Rwanda

Willy Karekezi is a young and talented Rwandan contemporary artist under Uburanga Arts Studio located in Kimihurura, a suburb of Kigali City.

1448658658leisure saturday 3 article

Ethiopia: Where the beauty of Mursi women lies in clay plates embedded in lips

What is beauty and how do you define it? A question which may sound so simple but which is, on the contrary, so complicated and multi-faceted to many. To better grasp this concept, I visited the Mursi, a local tribe residing in the Southern Omo Valley of Ethiopia famous for wearing beautifully decorated clay plates in their lower lips and other ornaments.

1445982579alexia 11 article

Mupende models to market Rwanda - The New Times | Rwanda

Alexia Mupende is very humble and does not see modeling as something that is just about her. Being an ambassador for Rwanda is a strong driving force in her life.

1444334180anne sophie achera misiani  the young and talented nairobi based fashion designer article

Kenya's Achera inspired by Rwandan designers - The New Times

Anne Sophie Achera Misiani is the Nairobi-based young and talented Kenyan fashion designer behind the stunning brand Achera Designs. Not only does she create stunning collections, she also offers personalised services.

1444254384uwase selling her beautiful and bright outfits at hotel des mille collines by kempinski after the rcfs article

Ghana-based Uwase keeps Rwanda's fashion flag flying - The New Times

Born in Rwanda, Fathia Uwase, 32, left for Ghana four years ago with fashion on her mind. There, she studied fashion for a year at the Joyce Ababio School of Creative design. After graduation, she established her own brand called Fathia’s Creations.

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Travel: When I dined with the hyenas in Ethiopia - The New Times

The mention of the word hyena makes many of us flinch. But i discovered that these are not the ugly monsters that they are often portrayed to be. I travelled to Harar located in eastern Ethiopia where i came face to face with hyenas which live in harmony with human beings.

1443393790img 9954 article

Fusing Graffiti Art and Music: A new form of live entertainment in Kigali

The one of a kind ‘Graffiti & Music’ event which took place in September 2015 on KCT’s rooftop was a first for Kigali.

1442867856e4 article

Music stars grace the historic 'Peace One Day'

To mark international peace day, a spectacular Peace One Day Youth Celebration event was organised in Kigali.

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Fashion is Basomingera's calling - The New Times | Rwanda

Candy Basomingera has been pasionate about designing since her teenage years, while living in Brussels, Belgium. However, it never crossed her mind that she would one day become a fashion designer by profession, especially since she knew she would move back to Rwanda where the fashion industry then was almost non existent.