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The conservation success story of the sacred forest in Kenya | LifeGate

Kaya Kinondo is a sacred forest in Coastal Kenya originally home to the Digo people. Thanks to successful conservation efforts, they now live nearby and use the forest as a place of worship.

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Colobus Conservation, restoring Kenya’s coasts to protect monkeys

With the degradation of Kenya’s coastal forests colobus monkeys are struggling to survive. We visit the Colobus Conservation centre, working to save these rare animals.

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Catching a glimpse of everyday life in war-torn Syria through Avo Kaprealian’s lens

We talk to Avo Kaprealian, the documentary filmmaker who shares a compelling account of everyday life in war-torn Aleppo. The city he once called home.

Lion cubs may 2016 sean carter %281%29 article

Akagera welcomes lion cubs as part of a successful conservation initiative

Three new cubs were spotted in Akagera National Park in Rwanda. Lions were reintroduced last June and tourism has spiked ever since.

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Belgium’s Repair Cafés. Where you can recycle your favourite objects while making new friends

Why throw away things that could be brought back to life? Repair Cafés teach how to value what you have, whilst giving you a chance to meet your neighbours.

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Fighting in the Caucasus. Tensions between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan resume

Following fierce fighting in Nagorno Karabakh, a region demanding self-determination, Armenians are asking Azerbaijan to stop the aggression.

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Vayando: ditch the guidebook, leave the beaten path and do as the locals do

Vayando puts local micro entrepreneurs in emerging countries on the tourist map by connecting them to travellers in search of immersive cultural experiences.

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Armenia will be part of the Eurasian Transport Corridor connecting India to Europe via Iran

While exploring new ways to do business with Iran and grow, Armenia is working on improving connectivity by completing the puzzle of the North-South Transport Corridor.

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Some say the poor can’t save: Rwanda’s Abarikumwe women prove otherwise

The women of the Abarikumwe Association dispel the myth that villagers in developing countries spend their earnings instead of saving them. #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou.

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Meet the Rastafarians of Ethiopia, who left Jamaica for the Promised ...

Being a Rastafarian is not all about ganja and dreadlocks. We visit the repatriated Rastafarians of Ethiopia who left Jamaica to live in the Promised Land.

Aninya weaving palma clutch  article

Ethical, traditional and sustainable. Fashion according to a Ghanaian designer

Young Ghanaian designer Akosua is the founder of AAKS, which creates beautiful bags from responsibly sourced raffia handwoven by talented craftswomen. #ThisIsTheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou

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The Rwandan referendum has spoken. President Kagame can stay

In the Rwandan referendum of the 18th of December, citizens decided what is best for them: they want President Kagame to stay, saying it loud and clear.

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Angel Mutoni. People think I’m not Rwandese because I do hip hop, but I’m out to change that

We speak to Angel Mutoni, a young Rwandese who raps to show young girls, especially in her country, that you can think big and achieve your dreams.

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Religious intolerance grows in Indonesia

Discriminated against for propagating "deviant" religious teachings, Gafatar members are being forcibly evacuated and repatriated to their original homes.

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Local designers are taking African fashion out of the hands of Western brands

Local designers are redefining African fashion far from the cries of cultural appropriation levelled at Western designers like Valentino.