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Must-try Instagram delicacies in Jakarta | The Jakarta Post Travel

With the rise of social media in Indonesia, an increasing number in the food industry are opting for social media platforms to market and sell their products. So far, Instagram is among the favorites.

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Good reasons to hangout at Pasar Santa | The Jakarta Post Travel

Picture a traditional market. Now picture an upgraded and more modern version of a traditional market and you get Pasar Santa (Santa Market). Located in South Jakarta, this is the hippest place in town at the moment.

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Why Cimaja is a surfer's paradise | The Jakarta Post Travel

Located in West Java, Cimaja is a paradise for surfers. Whether you are just a beginner, or a more experienced surfer, this place has the right waves for every taste and level of experience. Cimaja also attracts those wanting to find some peace of mind in a serene and peaceful environment.

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Enjoying the splendors of nature in Banten | The Jakarta Post Travel

Barely an hour from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta lies a hidden gem waiting to be discovered: its name is Banten.

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Why you should visit Muara Angke fish market in Jakarta | The Jakarta Post Travel

The pasar ikan, or fish market in Muara Angke is a haven for foodies, photographers and market lovers. It offers a wide range of fresh seafood and fish, many opportunities to capture great shots of fishermen at work and the best of authentic market life.

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Where to eat in Sabang, Central Jakarta | The Jakarta Post Travel

Right behind the well known Thamrin street in Central Jakarta lies Sabang; a very hectic place in the evenings when the street becomes a popular destination for authentic Indonesian street food.

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Where to enjoy a coffee beer in Jakarta | The Jakarta Post Travel

Coffeebeerian is a small joint that only serves what it is most passionate about; handcrafted coffee and handcrafted beer, and they are very serious about both.

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Exploring Jakarta's Ciliwung River by boat | The Jakarta Post Travel

Jakarta is not all about luxurious malls, tall skyscrapers, fancy restaurants and constant traffic.It is a city full of contrasts, where the modern meets the traditional, the towers meet the kampung, and the haves meet the have-nots. But it is also a city where you can find natural beauty and peace, including rivers and forests if you know where to look.

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Fun day trip to Tiger Island | The Jakarta Post Travel

Who would have thought that you could find heaven on earth so close to Jakarta? Tiger Island, locally known as Pulau Macan, at the northern tip of the Thousand Islands, is just such a place.

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Top 5 hot spots in Kemang | The Jakarta Post Travel

Located in South Jakarta, Kemang is one of the hippest neighborhoods in town. It has everything, from the best hangout spots, restaurants to art galleries and shops. Here are a couple of recommendations for those of you living in or visiting the area.

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Must-see places in West Sumatra | The Jakarta Post Travel

West Sumatra boasts a vibrant cultural heritage and is home to many unspoiled natural wonders. However, the region is often overlooked by travelers, Indonesians and foreigners alike.

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Enjoying Ramayana ballet's love story at Prambanan

With Prambanan temple as backdrop, the Ramayana Ballet transports viewers to a mythical world filled with heroic animals, demons, and kings on royal quests.

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Amazing day trip to Tanjung Lesung

Those seeking a day-trip beach break not far from Jakarta might like to consider this particular beach resort.

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Playing detective at The Escape Hunt

Dubbed the most popular attraction in Jakarta by TripAdvisor's Buzz Report last October, The Escape Hunt Experience is one to try for those curious about solving mysterious crimes and working undercover.

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Enjoying an outdoor movie night in Jakarta

If watching movies in an open-air setting sounds good to you, then you might want to consider visiting this place.