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Mursi Women Redefine Beauty With Clay Plates : Epicure & Culture

Many of us who grew up in Western countries were brought up to believe in a very narrow definition of beauty, and the media pounding us with images of skinny, fair top models with long hair hasn’t helped. But really, what is beauty? The Mursi people help us redefine beauty — a multi-faceted word which can mean different things to different people.

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How One Conscious Lifestyle Brand Is Using Fashion To Empower Women

Maria and Anthony Russo are an inspiring couple. The former a writer and the latter a tech junkie, they have come together to promote women empowerment worldwide. They first started with The Culture-ist three years ago; an e-mag focused on travel, culture and social good. More recently, they have started their own socially conscious lifestyle brand for the traveler, yogi and change maker called Humanity Unified.

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How Stylish Recycled Jewelry Is Empowering Women Artisans Around The World

Travel is everything to Mandy Nagel, the founder of I Thought of You, a woman-owned business which sells Fair Trade and sustainable products with a story.

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How One Small Business Shares The Stories Of Artisans Through Handicrafts

Jennifer Jedda, founder of JJ Caprices, curates local handmade women’s jewelry, accessories, and small home accents while traveling the world. Through her online boutique, she tells the stories of the artisans, the techniques which are used, how the pieces were created and what makes them special.

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Artisans Of Rwanda: A Visit To Gatagara Pottery Near Kigali

Thinking about doing something exciting out of Rwanda’s capital city but don’t have much time? A visit to Gatagara is the perfect day trip offering a memorable hands-on local experience. Located between Ruhango and Nyanza, Gatagara is a 90 minutes drive only from Kigali.

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Artisans Of Rwanda: Meet Yusta, The Master Weaver

Meet Yusta, founder of the Abarikumwe Association. Her personal story of overcoming struggle is extremely inspiring.

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Rwanda Travel: 5 Immersive Cultural Experiences In Kigali : Epicure & Culture

Here is a list of my favorite local experiences to have while visiting the city, each offering something special to the curious traveler; whether it’s a fascinating local insight, visual and olfactory immersion, mouth-watering local flavors, or even the opportunity to support entrepreneurial development and improve livelihoods and living standards.

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Delicious Penang: The Culinary Capital Of Malaysia

Malaysia is a stunning country, rich in history, culture and natural landscapes. Every destination is unique in its genre, and all have something to offer to the curious traveler. But when it comes to food, nothing beats Penang, dubbed the “Culinary Capital of Malaysia.” In fact, they have a saying on the island: “chiak si hock,” which literally means “eating brings in prosperity.” Indeed, Penangites are extremely proud of their cuisine.

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Myanmar Travel: Local Finds In Urban Yangon

Yangon, the biggest city in Myanmar, often gets overlooked by travelers who stop by for a day at most; however, this is the perfect starting point to expand your knowledge on local traditions and customs by experiencing, as much as you can, urban life the way the locals do. Which is exactly what I do.

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Artisans Of Rwanda: Meet Grace, A Basket Weaving Instructor In Kigali

Whether you’re visiting Kigali for a couple of days or living in the city, Grace Mukeshimana is the best person to meet in Rwanda’s capital city for a memorable sisal basket weaving experience. She will happily share her knowledge and skills with travelers who want to know more about the art of basket weaving and jewelery-making using the basket weaving technique.

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Artisans Of Rwanda: Meet Kayiranga, The Imigongo Artist

Emmanuel Kayiranga is one of the most talented Rwandan artisans making Imigongo, a traditional art form unique to Rwanda — and definitely worth exploring on a visit to the country. It consists of beautiful black and white, although sometimes colorful, paintings crafted from dried cow dung. The designs are distinctly geometrical and provide a local Rwandan touch.

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6 Must-Have Cultural Experiences In Tanzania

This article explores some of the best cultural experiences to have while exploring Tanzania!

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How Le Dessein Is Fusing Fashion & Art To Help Underprivileged Girls Gain An Education

Le Dessein; a socially responsible fashion line that addresses educational needs for underprivileged girls through art.